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One of the best things in Jakarta are its shopping centers. Here's a list of the top 10 shopping malls in jakarta.

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FX Sudirman previously known as Lifestyle X'nter (fX) is a shopping mall in Sudirman, South Jakarta. The mall is spread across the first eight floors of the building, and includes fashion, food, beauty, entertainment and business meeting facilities. The building also contains apartments above the mall level 8, including hotel accommodation by Harris Hotel. The tenth floor contains a gym, pool and tennis court. On November 2008 the building received a bomb threat sent to Indonesian police SMS number 1717, U.S. Embassy and Australian Embassy.

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FX Sudirman sebelumnya dikenal sebagai gaya hidup X ' nter (fX) adalah sebuah pusat perbelanjaan di Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan. Mal tersebar di lantai delapan pertama bangunan, dan termasuk fashion, makanan, Kecantikan, hiburan dan fasilitas bisnis. Bangunan juga berisi apartemen di atas mall tingkat 8, termasuk akomodasi hotel Harris Hotel. Lantai sepuluh memiliki gym, Kolam Renang dan Lapangan Tenis. Pada November 2008 bangunan menerima ancaman bom yang dikirim ke Kepolisian Indonesia Nomer SMS 1717, Kedubes AS dan Kedutaan Australia.

Domain: Retail; Category: Shopping

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